Air Quality Monitoring

NEMS provides comprehensive air quality testing services for public and private sector bodies including manufacturing, construction, chemical, pharmaceutical, retail & local authorities. Testing may be required for all manner of purposes, but usually to demonstrate compliance with workplace (e.g. COSHH) regulations or for planning purposes.

We utilise established standard methods for sampling, such as those within the HSE's MDHS series, or the US NIOSH/OSHA methods.

Examples of compounds we routinely sample include:

  • inhalable dust
  • respirable dust
  • welding fume
  • wood dust
  • formaldehyde & other aldehydes
  • isocyanates
  • lead, cadmium & other toxic metals
  • solvents, including BTX
  • colophony (resin acids from solder)
  • ozone
  • combustion gases
  • ammonia
  • amines
  • oil mist
  • crystalline silica
  • machine-made mineral fibre

In addition to workplace monitoring, we can provide ambient air quality monitoring, for example, to provide baseline measurements in support of planning applications, or to investigate fugitive emissions & odour complaints. We currently have a number of long-term dust sampling projects at landfill and quarry sites.

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